Photography Pricing


Before selecting a photographer to capture your special day, there are many factors that you should consider – and pricing will certainly be one of them… but before going further, the following quote from Benjamin Franklin seems appropriate.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

That’s not to imply that we are expensive, it just helps frame the conversation. We are a small, boutique studio (the same person who shot the photos on the web site is the same person who will shoot your event) who actively limits the number of events we shoot a year. This is done to ensure our high quality of customer service and final product and timely production are not compromised in any way.

When considering price, remember that it is not just the number of hours that you see the photographer for on the day – in our case, we spend three to four times the hours on post production as we did on the day. Our aim is to ensure that the photos we deliver to you tell the story of your event in clear and concise way. The quality is of high standard and these photos that will mean more to you as time goes by.

These days, the post production phase is every bit as key to the successful outcome as the actual shoot itself. Using techniques fine tuned over a number of years, the images you get to enjoy have each been hand touched and reviewed.

We made the conscious effort to ensure that we use the highest quality folio product available from Australia. That goes for the prints we include in our collections – printed at one, if not the, premier labs in Sydney. If you are looking for a lower price, you could print them at any one of the supermarkets. But paying 9c for a print, you will be disappointed with the result.

Our customer service is often remarked on – take a look at our testimonials – we have the knack of being able to quickly build a rapport with the guests, the parents, grandparents, and officials … this comes about through treating people the way we want to be treated ourselves. And it is important that we treat each other with respect and have a laugh along the way. We know how to get the best out of people without intruding on their event.

For a Christening, our normal fee includes three hours of photography – this includes an hour or so at the church and two hours at the reception. Of course, if more time is required (for example, if we come to your house before the Christening to capture intimate family photos) we can add that on.

We ensure that your family and family combinations are taken, and your guests are photographed either in a group or couples/family. The important cutting of the cake and toasting is either staged or shot within the time frame.

We will always stay extra time if required to capture a particular photo, but this is rarely required.

So, if you came to the page, for detailed pricing I am going to disappoint you. Please call, email me or use our contact form and I’ll talk you through the pricing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost, especially when you consider the service you’ll be receiving.