Elissa's Christening

This gorgeous family celebrated the baptism of their second precious daughter Elissa. We photographed Amaliah’s Christening less than two years ago.

The happy nature of the parents Irene and Josh is passed onto their girls who were happy, and easy to work with. The girl’s olive skin and bright blue eyes simply pierce through you and when they smile they light up a room.

We truly adore this family. Josh and Irene are two people who are genuinely sincere, loving and have the elusive formula for a happy and engaging life together as a family.

This family have the awareness that it’s the simple things in life which brings the greatest of joy.

They are fortunate to also have supportive parents from both sides. This makes the journey of life a little easier. They also have great faith which sustains them during difficult times and gives them joy when life runs smoothly.

After the ceremony we went to the reception where the children were entertained and had their faces painted.

The afternoon with close friends and family went well with much laughter and merriment. Good food was served as was good conversation had. It was a loud and happy event celebrating Elissa’s Christening day.

Following are some of the photos we selected for your viewing of this beautiful event…

Until next time remember,

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven”- George Bernard Shaw

Kathy x


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