Arlo's Christening

We love this gorgeous family consisting of Michelle, Grant, Elianna, Nate and Arlo.

We can proudly say we have photographed all three of Grant and Michelle’s children’s Christenings and celebrations over a five-year period. Each time their close friend Effie arranges for Tony and I to capture the moments in time, and tell the story of each child’s special day.

The ceremony was held at Holy Cross Church and reception at the beautiful Wollongong Golf Club. The service was a combination of tradition and fun as the Priest injected his personality into the proceedings.

Arlo enjoyed his special day, and his beautiful deep blue eyes sparkled with each new experience he enjoyed during the day.

The atmosphere at Arlo’s Christening celebration was how we remembered and felt with the previous two children’s functions. The day was joyful, with a lot of chatter and laughs amongst the guests. It felt like everyone was talking over each other and loudly, only because they were happy to have this occasion to catch up with each other. The children enjoyed the arts and crafts table which was specifically set up for them. Thoughtfully Michelle and Effy had given each child their own labelled colouring book.

The Bonbonniere was an aeroplane cookie cutter mould attached to a jar filled with sprinkles, chocolates spots and a recipe for Aeroplane shaped biscuits. What a fabulous and fun idea for Bonbonnieres. What family wouldn’t want to spend time enjoying making aeroplane shaped biscuits?

The Godfather, Andreas, had a wonderful connection with his Godson Arlo, the theme of the day was in fact in honour of this wonderful young man who is a pilot in the air force.

We wish this family a beautiful future filled with all their hearts desire…

Until next time

Remember, act as if what you do makes a difference. IT DOES

Kathy x

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