Elle's Christening

The cold weather has come with a vengeance it seems. The wind chill today is well, just very cold and bracing.

Only a few days ago we photographed little Elle’s Christening, a warm pleasant autumn day.

Denise (mum) was not sure that we should go to the house as she was concerned she would not be ready in time. I convinced her that some of the best photos are taken in the privacy of people’s home and we only needed a few minutes of her time. We spent about 15 minutes in their home and during the reception Denise thanked me for changing her mind.

Our aim is to always fit in with you, the family, no matter what is going on. We pride ourselves in being patient and have empathy for the families and everything they need to get done on the day. We do our work (photographing) by working around what you need to do. We also like to inject a bit of humour into the day which is always welcome and helps to take away any stress .

We also pride ourselves in being very good with little ones, we do after all have four treasured grandchildren of our own ranging from one to nine years old. The time we spend with them is precious for us and feel blessed to have them in our lives. We often say “If we knew grandchildren were so much fun, we would have had them first”. …. Hehehehehe….

Elle’s Godfather Peter was also her uncle. Little 7 month old Elle obviously knew him well and was comfortable in his arms and smiled each time she looked at him. The connection was beautiful.

Dad, Stephen was besotted with his little angel and was very much hands on dad. He was feeding her when we came to the house. There was no prouder dad at the Christening than Stephen.

The reception was held at Beautiful Kyle Bay where the views were spectacular, made even more beautiful by the absolutely gorgeous weather on the day. Many a guest spent time on the balcony socialising and taking in the view.

Below are some photos from the day for you to enjoy.

Until next time remember

“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions”…Dalai Lama

kathy x

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