Privacy is a concept which is becoming increasingly important in the digital world. We respect that, for a multitude of reasons people do not want us to put any of their photos on our website nor to write about their babies’ special day. Although we love to share some of the photos with you we have an obligation to our clients to respect their privacy.

The number of families requesting we do not write about their special day has increased in the last few years. This does not take away from us sharing the joy of the day and creating beautiful moments in time.

Our families our busy and have worked hard to create the most special day for their child and for the ones they love to share and enjoy. We are mindful that the parents have a lot on their mind and that is why we are there to ensure they don’t miss any of the special moments. We are there to prompt them gently if they would like a photo with some of their extended family such as grandparents and special friends which they might forget to ask us to photograph. They might always have had the intention to ask but they forget on the day. The parents don’t always get around to asking us for that special photo with a favourite aunt or nephew for example as they are the hosts and are busy socialising and making sure that everything else is running smoothly. This is where we come in. We are not shy to ask the right question.

We very quickly get a feel for the family, if they are quiet, stressed, tired, shy or outgoing and work with them to achieve the best possible result.

We feel confident that our formula for Christenings works. We have photographed numerous Christenings and the short time we spend in the family’s home is precious to them and us. We only need 20 to 30 minutes in the privacy of your home before you leave for the church. The home is where their favourite things are, be it a toy, an armchair, a babies cot or their garden. It is familiar and loved and the comfort can allow us to capture the most beautiful of photos.

Obviously once the family get to the church guests want to greet them and this can be overwhelming for all concerned. This does not mean we don’t find the time to take some precious extended family shots. We also have the opportunity to take more photos of guests and family at the reception where we can do a mock up of the cake cutting and leave the family to enjoy the celebrations.

Although we are unable to show you some of the beautiful work we created for the last few Christenings this year , and in line with our blog "Privacy" below are a few of the wonderful Christening cakes made for these special occasions.

Until next time

Tolerance, compromise, understanding, acceptance, patience- I want those all to be very sharp tools in my shed

Kathy x


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