Kate's Baby Shower

We were thrilled when Leah called to ask if we would take the photos of her sister-in-law Kate’s baby shower.

We followed Kate and Dennis’s journey over several difficult years to conceive their precious child. We watched from afar this truly lovely couple who were always in good spirits and never lost faith or hope. Dennis and Kate are the sort of people who are positive and gentle and bring a smile to your face just being in their presence.

All children are special but this little girl (yes, it is a precious little girl ,who came safely in our world and her name is Georgia) is extra special as her parents like hundreds of others had a tough journey to get to this stage.

We went to Ottimo House, Denham Court in a Marquee, where no expense was spared to make this day a day to remember. Kate’s sister in law, Leah organised the event and all aspects of it. She did an amazing job. It is obvious that Stella, Kate’s mother in law genuinely loves and cares very much for Kate. Stella and her husband Nick are loving, genuine and caring people who are very present in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Georgia is a very lucky girl.

There were a number of young children in attendance who were not forgotten. They were entertained by a face painter who also blew up animal balloons to shrills of joy and happiness from the little ones. There was also an outdoor gigantic blow up jumping castle equipped with a slippery dip.

A high tea style was offered and a buffet lunch as well. Games were played which brought about much laughter and a little embarrassment, but all in good fun. Fresh flowers and appropriate decorations including a gold rocking horse, adorned this Marquee for guests to enjoy.

The rural surrounding, and beautiful weather rounded off the ambience of the day.

We hope you enjoy a selection of our photos telling the story of Kate’ Baby Shower.

Until next time

tony and kathy xx

Mahatma Gandhi said “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

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