Maggie's Baby Shower

The Langham Hotel in Sydney is where we photographed the baby shower for Maggie. Its signature Pink Taxi was parked outside as we arrived. It was hard to believe that it was only a few years ago we photographed Maggie’s fabulous bridal shower.

The Langham previously known as the Observatory Hotel is part of the Langham Hotels and Resorts founded over 150 years ago dating back from 1865 where the London Langham Hotel opened as Europe’s first Grand Hotel. The Sydney Langham is situation in the heart of the Rocks district with the most spectacular Harbour views and historic buildings.

Maggie chose the Langham and had it styled beautifully for a high tea for her friends and family to celebrate the upcoming birth of her precious little one. This led us to research why we have baby showers in the first place, and how they have evolved over the years.

As far back as ancient times Egyptians and Greek families celebrated the act of bringing new life into the world by isolating the mother before and just after birth. She was then welcomed back into society by a party and gifts once she had been purified after the birth of the baby. Fast forward to the middle ages where special trays of food was carried to the mother to ensure good fortune during child birth and weeks after.

During the Victorian Era, for the first birth, a woman was showered with gifts and for the second baby a woman was given a sprinkling of gifts as they assumed she had what she required from her first child.

Modern day woman from the 1900’s until now give gifts and play games to celebrate the impending birth. No matter what happens to this tradition in the future the birth of a child is a major life milestone that should be honoured in some way.

Maggies baby shower was nothing short of spectacular, the food absolutely varied and delicious and the games played brought about much laughter and entertainment.

Below are some of the photographs taken on this special day. Since then Maggie has given birth to the sweetest little boy named Alessandro. He is a very much loved little boy by his mum and dad, families and friends.

Until next time remember, the best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone…

tony & kathy xx



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