Maggie's Bridal Shower @ The Grounds

If the guest of honour is wearing an Alex Perry original, the event is at the Atrium of The Grounds of Alexandria, there are 100 woman (more or less) and two token men (one being me), then you must be at Maggie’s Bridal shower.

We had the immense pleasure to photograph this beautiful woman’s special event. A celebration by woman on the impending nuptials of Maggie and Anthony.

I think, I finally understand the joy woman have being in each other’s company. The atmosphere is electric and connected. The ambience and excitement, which is created when women get together is different from when there is mixed groups or when men gather .

I thought I would feel a little odd or there would be some resentment in my invading the female space, but it was the total opposite. I was made to feel welcome and treated as not only the photographer of this great event but as a guest ,who was given a place on a table and even honoured my own place card. There was a great deal of thought and preparation which went into every detail of this elaborate and magnificent event.

I watched the 4 bridesmaids who wore fresh flower garlands around their heads ,matching the bride to be ,aptly and capably assisting in games and making sure everyone was having a lovely time especially the gorgeous bride to be. Even the bride’s Goddaughter at only five months, (who happens to be my granddaughter) wore her own garland of flowers.

There was a grazing station ,with a variety of delicacies for starters, a delicious variety of hot food served on sharing platters for all guests to enjoy. Then the grazing station was replaced with delicious miniature sweets. To top off the extraordinary amount of food ,there was a magnificent tower of profiteroles to enjoy. The bar staff were kept busy ,taking care of the drink orders, mainly cocktails , for the duration of the event.

Hope you enjoy a selection of photos from this beautiful bridal shower.

Until next time, remember life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance , you must keep moving-Albert Einstein

tony x