Harper's Christening - Casual and fun

We were thrilled to be asked to photograph Elissa and Daniel’s third child Harper. We were surprised when we worked out it was over two years ago when we also photographed the Christening of Harper’s twin brother and sister Grace and Thomas. We thought we had photographer their Christening only months previously.

This family wanted a no frills event and it takes a great deal of talent to achieve a casual, comfortable, fun afternoon with such class.

Harper is fourteen months old so didn’t want to stay still or in the arms of her Godmothers. Harper preferred to walk around and investigate with great curiosity every nook and cranny of the St George Greek Orthodox Church at Rose Bay, while most of the service occurred oblivious to her.

However, Harper’s mum and Godmother’s Eleni and Victoria had everything under control at the vital times required at any Greek Orthodox Christening.

The thirty or so guests continued the celebration at Harper’s home at Double Bay. All who attended had a lovely time in a casual atmosphere and the children played happily with the numerous toys belonging to Thomas, Grace and Harper including an enclosed trampoline.

When we left the family to continue to enjoy their afternoon ,the laughter, talking just carried on happily behind us.

We hope you enjoy some of our favourite photos of this special little girl from a special family on her special day.

Until next time… Life is like a camera, focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives.. And if things don’t work out, take another shot….

Tony x


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