Alexa's Christening

Alexa’s Christening

We have had a couple of busy months since Easter photographing memories for our clients. Some of our client’s prefer we do not use their details on our blog which is perfectly fine with us.

Confidentiality is the prerogative of our client’s and we are happy to abide with their wishes.

We had not seen Katrina and Con since their first daughter Demi’s Christening about 18 months ago and were thrilled to be asked to photograph their second daughter Alexa’s Christening. Alexa is six months old, bright dark eyes with a cheeky smile.

We commenced the afternoon at their home, taking some family photos. This is a great time for us to capture some beautiful family photos without distraction, and the family are comfortable in their own environment.

It doesn’t take us long to get set up and into the swing of things, and we’ll move around the house looking for beautiful light, interesting locations or just a fun place.

The christening ceremony was held at St Spyridon Church. Katrina had the baptismal font beautifully decorated with flowers – it really made a statement and looks wonderful in the photos. The combination of traditional church, and colourful flowers really added to the ambiance.


The reception followed for around 100 people, at Pink Salt restaurant in Double Bay.

The dual celebrations for Alexa’s Christening and Demi’s second birthday was notable for the two naked cakes commissioned by Katrina. In addition to this , there was fairy entertainer for the children to enjoy and the restaurant provided a multiple levels for guests to enjoy.

It was obvious that Katrina has worked very hard to have a successful dual purpose party for her precious little girls, and her attention to detail in the table decorations showed and was appreciated by their guests.

Hope you enjoy some of the photos of the day…

Until next time….smile at a stranger….it can’t do any harm and they might smile back….tony x

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