Amaliah's Christening

We enjoyed every minute of our day with Irene and Josh and their precious five month old bright blue eyed baby Amaliah.

Our day commenced at Amaliah’s home where we captured a few family photos before the big event. It’s a few minutes where this little family had time to be with each other only.

Amaliah was christened at St Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Church where Father Arthur presided. As always, a beautiful ceremony steeped in tradition. Father Arthur is a humble priest who has a marvellous sense of humour and his smile lights up any room.

There was many traditional moments starting with the gown worn by Amaliah, which was also worn by her grandfather David and several others before Amaliah. When anything is handed down from generation to generation it is generally special and has great meaning.

The reception was held at the Graphic Arts Club right next door to the Church. It was adorned with large balloons on each table and there was an adorable Christening Cake to celebrate the day and many petite sweets which added to the ambience of the room. The children’s entertainer had the little ones laughing, participating in activities and enjoying their afternoon too.

It was obvious that Amaliah’s Godparents George and Felicia took their responsibility seriously. There were many cuddles and truly heartfelt speeches.

So little one, we wish that the blessing giving during this special day carry you through the rest of your life. A healthy, happy, humble and fulfilled life for you little Amaliah. May this be the beginning of your life long journey of faith.

We hope you enjoy some of the “moments in time” we captured on this very special day.

Until next time remember be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

Tony & Kathy xx

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