In praise of the (dance) teacher

We could not be the only ones who feel like 2017 is rushing to the finish line? As I sit and reflect on the year. It has been a very busy, productive, blessed and challenging year.

It was almost a year ago when the Dance to the Limit school photos were taken and then Christina (Owner and Director of school) asked us to take some head shots of her marvelous teachers.

As we are about to take the 2017 photos for the school we thought we would show you some of the photos of these extremely talented and patient teachers and examine what makes a great dance teacher?

An exceptional dance teacher is the sum of several attributes: They must be a mentor and a great supporter to their students; work hard to build relationships, encourage and has a good balance between praise and constructive criticism. And build on the successful relationships they have forged with their students.

A great teacher requires skill, has passion, and is both flexile and adaptable. Passion can be contagious. If you are a passionate teacher you have more chance of passing on the love of dancing then if you don’t. You must be flexible to take a class not necessarily in the direction you planned but in the direction that can sometimes be dictated by the mood of the students at the time.

The patience of a great teacher is paramount. Not all students in a class with have the same attitude or aptitude. It is up to a great teacher to assist all of their students without interrupting the class for the others. A studio becomes a place where a community grows and prospers. A studio is a place where every student wants to attend for a time during the week, and this helps build a students confidence and enthusiasm for this art.

A great dance teacher seeks to bring out the best in their students, to be mindful of their bodies, how they work and the effect on their health.

These are the teachers of Dance to the Limit……they are a family….And we always look forward and excited to our yearly two days of studio photography and performance night.

Until next time I want to share a quote from filmmaker George Lucas “apart from my parents, my teachers have done the most to shape my life”

Harrison Photography Dance Teacher Dance to the Limit

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