End of Year Dance Concert

The last job we chose to do for 2017 was the end of year concert for “Dance to the Limit”.

A few weeks earlier we spent two wonderful, loud, fabulous days with the energetic, creative students and teachers, taking photos at their studio where all the magic occurs.

Christina (who owns and passionately runs the school) spends a great deal of time with her students, not only making sure they are learning about different genres of dance and moving correctly but how to have fun. And a few life lessons thrown in for good measure.

She encourages her staff and students to practice loo

king after themselves and each other. She teaches more than dance: she teaches, kindness, empathy, respect and believing you can do what ever you want in life.

This philosophy sits well with us, very much.

The students obviously love being at this outstanding dance school. From what we understand, some spend more time at the studio than necessary. It’s friendships formed from respect and ultimately love.

The enthusiasm the students show on photo days is encouraging for us and we find each year the students gain more skills and are more comfortable in front of the camera and can strike a pose with little direction.

Thank you Ms. Christina for having faith in the work we do… We were so pleased with our final 1000 plus photos and have selected only 20% for you to enjoy from two days of studio photography and one afternoon from the concert.

Until next time remember to fill your own cup first before you can pour into others. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

That is, look after yourself first, then everyone else…. Kathy & Tony xxx

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