Just Home From a Baptism

Just home from a Christening

September 28, 2013 by Tony

Good evening,

We have just come home from photographing a Christening in a Greek Church (Saint Spyridon, Kingsford). Mum, Yvette is of Mauritian descent and Dad, Chris of Greek descent. The guest of honour, Marcus, is an absolutely gorgeous young man with the most beautiful piercing dark eyes and the roundest cheeks I have seen in a long time. The combination of cultures and language made for a vibrant, fun afternoon – the reception was held at the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club, Mascot

What Makes Our Service Different?

I wanted to share with you the compliments Kath and I received upon leaving. Yvette told us how very happy she was with Kath and I. She said she loved our easy going nature and how easy it was to work with us. She said that on two previous functions the photographers they used were impatient, intense and even angry (her words). This obviously added stress to her functions. She said that we were easy going and made her and her guests feel comfortable and the whole process was enjoyable.

This was the greatest compliment to us.

Comfortable in front of the camera?

It is always our aim to ensure that we provide our clients exactly what they want. We are very conscious that our clients have a great deal to think about during their function. Our strength, besides taking fabulous photos, is to ensure that our clients get the photos they need with the right combination of people in the most unobtrusive way. Our sense of humour, organisational skills and gentle suggestions puts our clients at ease, ensuring they feel comfortable in front of the camera and that we have captured what they will be happy with.

We feel happy and blessed and wanted to share it with you….

Until next time, hug the one you love – often….


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