Christening Photography - Why we like to shoot at your home first

As part of the service we offer, we will come to your home 20-30 minutes before you leave for the Church to photograph your precious family without the interruptions of guests around you at Church, who will inevitably want to greet you.

Based on experience we can tell you that the service can be overwhelming for your little one… each child is unique (of course) and they handle the service in different ways: some are engaged and seem to enjoy the experience, others sleep through the whole event, whilst others shriek and cry or a mixture of all these things.

Given this we guarantee that you will love the family photos before the ceremony commences.. This can include your parents and/or the Godparents as well. At home, is a time we can stage the photos in your comfortable environment being the bedroom, lounge room or under a favourite tree. You and your family are at your best at this time....

Using this approach gives you a better record of your child’s important day.

We look forward to you making contact.

You can email us, use the contact form, or give us a call (0403 912 340)

Until next time

tony & kathy xx

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