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Why we love Christening Photography

There comes a time when you are moved by the depth of people, the genuine love they have for each other and their friends. This is how we felt last weekend, when we honoured to be asked to photograph a Baptism of the daughter of an Army Officer. It was held in the Victorian Army Barracks in Paddington. The service was meaningful, held in an old, stone cook house converted into a Chapel. The font was a first World War military helmet.

We were impressed by so many things on the day: gentleness of a father interacting with his daughter and wife; the weather, the gardens, ceremony and the simplicity and elegance and joy of the day.

After an event we generally email through to our clients a couple of photos either that night or the day after as a sneak peak of our work. After sending these to this gorgeous couple we received the following response from the wife. We have placed her email , in our blog, in full only removing the names for security reasons. And for the same reason we also unfortunately are not able to show you any of the fabulous photos and the emotions captured on this beautiful day..

Dearest Tony and Kathy,

[My Husband] and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the professional photographing during the baptism of our daughter.

It was such a pleasure to be greeted (on time) at the chapel. You greeted us with big warm smiles and generous compliments, which was so very genuinely caring and thoughtful. It was a great start to the special occasion – thank you!

My Husband and I have dealt with many professionals in the past but you and your wife are truly professional, in all aspects of your dealings with us both leading up to, and the day of the baptism. You are very personable, relaxed, and always ensure you respond to queries or questions hastily. This eases the burden of ‘worry’ and ‘unnecessary stressors’ which can certainly occur prior to organising any event.

We barely noticed you photographing any of the service – which was incredible. Your direction and guidance throughout all photographs were clear and well thought out. You knew exactly what we wanted and you made the whole experience memorable. We do hope you both don’t have sore feet after all that hiking we had you do?! We all had blisters – to be expected wearing the hard, inappropriate shoes! 😉 Ah women….

I actually started writing this email last night and was so exhausted I didn’t get a chance to finish it and thought I shouldn’t bother you with ‘work’ on Father’s Day! Then the wonderful surprise of your warm and kinds words, and BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS came through to make our day! Seeing those made My Husband’s day (and mine) so THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness in sending those through this evening! I can’t express in words how delighted we are at how beautiful the photos are. Only someone with a ‘true’ eye’ for photography could take these kinds of photo’s. If we only had these few from the day we would still be delighted.

Thank you again Tony, you are both delightful and kind people – and WE couldn’t stop talking about you and Kathy and the great experience on the way home! I am so glad I found you! Our only regret is you couldn’t join us for a glass of bubbly and lunch at the Officers Mess.

We hope you all had a great day today. And we look forward to seeing all of your beautiful work in the coming weeks (no urgency).

Take care,

Harrison Photography Christening Baptism


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