Dance to the Limit - End of year 2016

2016 Dance To The Limit ,staff and students outdid them themselves during their end of year concert, showcasing their talent and hard work during the year.

Their energy and enthusiasm mixed with skills, coordination and sheer talent was more notable than ever.

We have been photographing these dancers for the past 5 years and have watched them grow and improve in skill and confidence . The number of students has almost tripled since Christina became owner and principal of this school. This is a testament to Christina's continued passion and love for her art. Christina shows sincere interest in each and every student , and the love and respect is obviously reciprocated.

Miss Christina's motto is " work hard and you can achieve anything you want in life" We think this is a great motto to live life by.

There is so many facets to putting together an end of year concert.The logistics is enormous and the organisation and coordination of tasks can only be done by a committed and dedicated person, in order to bring together all students together to perform on one night. You would never have know this as the concert flowed beautifully and effortlessly.

MIss Christina is a humble young woman and acknowledged that she has many people who assist her including her mum, Andrea who assists Christina in many tasks from coordinating and sewing and adjusting costumes to working front desk when needed to being Miss Christina's biggest fan.

The concert performances including, tap, ballet, acrobatics, singers, xxxxx and performers ranged from 2 years old to adults. When the concert concluded Miss Christina presented each and every student a trophy as an acknowledgement of the work they had done during the year. Each student waiting patiently to hear their name being called out.

We enjoy working with Christina and her fabulously enthusiastic performers and teachers. Spending time with them just made us want to commence to stretch.......

We hope you enjoy a selection of photos taken at the studio.

Until next time, let's all get into our happy feet position,

Wishing everyone safe holidays and look forward to a happy and healthy 2017.

tony x



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