How we Shoot Engagement

We love shooting couples in love … capturing some beautiful memories of two people in an environment that means something.

You may already have booked your photographer for your wedding, but why not get some practice in front of the camera before your big day – after all, you want those once-in-a-lifetime photos taken on your wedding day to be the best. So why not let us do an engagement shoot with you.

We’ll travel to two locations, maybe changing outfits as we go, and take you through how to look your best in front of a camera. After all, not many of us actually have a lot of experience having our photo taken. An engagement shoot will allow you to see what works (and what doesn’t) for you and your partner.

On location you’ll experience our casual yet professional approach as we guide you between different scenarios. Your engagement shoot could consist of a walk along the beach, a coffee in an inner city cafe, an escape to the country… whatever expresses your essence.

We have the advantage of capturing you in an ‘everyday’ sort of way – without the pressure and formality of your wedding day. Some couples want real casual, others will stylise the session. After all, if is yours, so you need to do what is right for you. Of course, it’s a great opportunity to test out your hear and make up.

The engagement shoot will last for two hours, and you’ll receive your images will receive a full post production process ensuring you get a number of great shots – suitable for framing, enlarging, keep-sakes, sharing with family and friends or posting on your Facebook page. They make terrific profile pictures.

Give us a call on 0403 912 340 or email us ([email protected]) or use the contact form to have a chat about scheduling your engagement shoot.


Engagement shoot Photography

Engagement Shoot with Harrison Photography