What You Can Expect From Us

Harrison Photography specialise in Christenings – a specialty we take very seriously. We work hard to ensure you have great photos of this once-in-a-lifetime event, and knowing the importance and significance of the various elements of the service, we’ll endeavor to capture all of those moments for you.  

We are based in Sydney, and are happy to travel as far north as the Hunter Valley and south to Wollongong.

In order to capture the service itself there will be myself and my assistant shooting – we like to cover both sides of the alter, plus be free to roam through your guests, go upstairs (when possible) to shoot the service from a different perspective, and provide both a wide and close version of the same shot.

At a minimum we’ll need to cover the service and elements of the reception (should you choose to have one). Obviously the number of guests you have, and the style of coverage you are after, will dictate exactly how long will be required.

Popular with some of our clients is coming to your house before the service to capture some intimate family shots in and around your house. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better, allow you and your child to be more relaxed in front of the camera, and capture some beautiful memories without the pressure of the service or guests.

Your precious memories will be presented within a beautiful DVD or USB folio – on the disk will be both high resolution images as well as a second identical set which have been reduced in sized so they can be placed directly onto your Facebook page or emailed to friends and relatives.

All images will pass through a post-production process, ensuring the photos you receive are of the highest quality. This process includes sorting images, removing duplicates or those which are not technical perfect and then applying hand crafted treatments (if necessary). We spend three to four times the hours on post production as we did on the day.

In addition to your images on disk or memory stick we can also provide a number of individually selected albums – there are many products available on the market these days, and we have gone through a lot of samples to select a couple that we feel displays our images in the best way and represent a real investment.

Please contact us via email or phone 0403 776 110 to discuss your individual needs.


Harrison Photography Christening Boy Next to Tree